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About Carl & Joanna
Joanna Conde
I started Conde Appraisal Associates in 1988 and have been specializing in west side residential properties since then. I moved from cold and cloudy Rochester, New York. I grew up in the small town of Medina, New York and went to Ithaca College for my undergraduate work and the University of Rochester for graduate school. My mother, Peg Clarke, was a music teacher and my dad, Don, was a newspaperman.

Over the years I have served on the Lakeview Rotary Board (1st woman member), the Sun Health Foundation Board, the Phoenix 100 Rotary Board, and in other community organizations. I also served on the Peoria Board of Adjustments, the Peoria Planning and Zoning Board and chaired the Maricopa County Charter Committee in 1995. I now belong to the Sun City Branch of AAUW. I also have served on a number of HOA boards.

I moved to Arizona after my mother died. My father had dementia and was in a care facility. I understand the stress of taking care of family members with health issues including dementia.

I was single when I moved to Arizona and met Carl in 1998 when his mother's trust officer introduced us. We married in March of 1999.

Carl and I became parents in July of 1999 when a French Rotary Exchange Student came to Arizona and spent a year with us. We have had many exchange students since then and have enjoyed the way they have broadened our perspective and helped us from growing old with old thinking.

Carl and I have had a good time buying and fixing up houses, fixing up our own home, designing and building a house in Bend, Oregon, and working together. We like boating on Desert Harbor lake.

I teach appraisal classes and I started and am still active in the Arizona Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

I love helping people finding exactly the right home. Even after all of these years, I still like seeing properties.

Carl Schuetze
After spending 3 years as a linquist in the Army Security Agency, I returned to the University of Illinois and finished a B.S. degree and then earned a M.S. in Marketing with an emphasis in marketing research and statistics. Upon graduation I joined the Marketing Research Department of Mead Johnson & Company.

When Mead Johnson was acquired by Bristol Meyers and my division was moved to New York City, I went the other direction. I moved to California and became the Consumer Research Manager at Gallo Winery (a singular experience interfacing with Ernest Gallo on an almost daily basis).

After a couple of years, I decided to take an opportunity to become an Adjunct Professor of Business at California State College (now University) in Turlock and began working on my Ph.D in marketing. After a few years I decided the academic life was not for me.

I joined Tektronix, Inc. in Beaverton, Oregon as a division and later corporate Marketing Research Manager. I remained at Tek for a number of challenging and interesting years until retirement called. After retirement I did the usual – consulted and played golf. That got boring so I moved to Sun City to woo the fantastic lady who is now my wife. We rehabbed homes for a time, moved to Bend, OR for two years where I sold real estate, and then moved back to Phoenix when we decided we were big city, warm weather people.

Joanna and I moved to Desert Harbor in Peoria and bought a home on the lake. I played golf at Union Hills Country Club and eventually got bored with retirement. Joanna told me to "get a real job" and I went to work for a company called Direct Buy, then Nordstroms' Rack, then the Census Bureau and met a number of wonderful people and had great experiences that I couldn't/didn't have when working for a large company like Tektronix or Gallo.

After a few years of that, Joanna said, why don't you sell real estate again. You had fun doing it before. I am in real estate as a appraiser and the people that I meet that are either buying or selling a home need people like you who can take the time and have the patience to help them. Besides, it would be fun and interesting. So, that is what I did. It has been just that; fun, interesting and the people I have worked with and are working with are great.

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